Breast Enhancement FAQ

Who Can Benefit from a Natural Breast Enhancement?

Natural breast enhancement is a good procedure for women who would like a better shape to their breasts and only a moderate increase in size. Typically, the breast can only be enlarged by a single cup size with this technique. It addresses common problems, including: Lost breast mass in the upper, outer portion of the breasts due to breastfeeding, asymmetrical breasts, and breast size lost from weight loss.

What Can I Expect at the Consultation?

Dr. Andrew Kwak, founder of The Lumen Center, will provide a full consultation to discuss your goals, plan and vision to achieve the best results possible. After reviewing your medical history, he will perform an examination, identify potential areas from which to extract the fat and discuss expectations. You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for your procedure and what to expect during and after the Natural Breast Enhancement procedure.

Where Is the Procedure Performed?

The Natural Breast Enhancement procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in The Lumen Center office in Bryn Mawr, PA.

How Long Is the Recovery?

The recovery process for the Natural Breast Enhancement is fairly short with most people only taking 3-4 days off from work with mild associated discomfort and bruising. A compression garment must be worn over the areas where the fat was taken for one month.

How Long Will It Take to See Optimal Results after the Procedure?

The breasts will fluctuate in size for a few weeks as things equilibrate and will usually reach full maturity at 3 – 4 months. In many cases, results of fat transfers can last indefinitely once the fat has settled because it is now a part of you living in a new area. Keep in mind, though, that fat transfers do not protect against future aging and patients may notice results slightly diminish over time.

Is Financing Available?

Yes, financing is available through Health Credit Services. Patients can complete an easy application to pre-qualify for a loan.